Sunday, 7 February 2016


And in all of this I only ask
that you take me not for granted.
Acknowledge my care,
appreciate me being there.
For I am not to be pitied,
especially for how much I love you,.
I don't need your eyes to look at me like this,
like I'm the only one who made that kiss.
I love you, not cause I want to,
but because you're in my veins.
I have no choice, but to my heart give voice,
and in your hands place the reins.
I have spent nights trying to understand,
how best to be your man.
The stars tease me and call me names
they say I'm stuck in a dangerous game.
I don't want to believe the things they say,
about how you don't need me,
and how you're using me anyway.
Show me, love, that they are all talk
and that when you and I meet,
it's for more than just a walk.
Show me, that when we confide,
you really do place your troubles aside.
Show me that you care not only for your own,
but for needs that are mine too.
Show me you see, how in love we've grown
and that in this relationship, I am not alone.
I am invested way too deep to even think of backing out.
but I ask that you be open, if you have even a hint of a doubt
I seek the love I give, I drown myself to love and live
and if you can't see me for me,
then I've a bitter taste in my mouth,
holding back screams that I wish to let out.
Show me, love, that this is not what we're about.
I only ask,
that you take me not for granted.
In my eyes, you are all.
We are uniquely enchanted.
We work because we love
we love because we work
and in this circle there flows a beauty
that no other has seen
A beautiful bond, real and clean.
And if all else were to fail tomorrow,
I will be the one to stand by you,
be careful how you hold my heart today
you decide, if I go or stay. 

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