Friday, 26 February 2016


And for just a moment
I thought we were done.
For a fleeting moment
I thought I'd lost the one, the only
person I had,
who could compare
to the feeling of warmth from the sun.
on a cold winters morn.
For a second I thought you gave up,
And you made me wonder
if I had any chances of winning the fight.
But I doubted.
I always believed we were both losers from the beginning,
fools for each other, spoilt and in love,
we lost our hearts to the other
And in losing we won.
We were one.
But I have to admit,
I thought for just a second there
You wanted none
of me, or of what we could be
And of what you wanted me to be.
Did you even want me to be?
For a matter of time, I couldn't rhyme
And to an ordinary, that's not a crime.
But only you know what words mean to me,
And what they mean about me,
And without them, how I'm not even me.
For those few moments the words never came
I was left wondering, will we ever be the same?
But in those moments I must say here
I saw every moment of my life that I had made your own,
I over-read every rough note of the poems for you I wrote.
In an attempt to feel close to you again
I time travelled now and then.
And as much as the fear of losing you often overtook
I distracted myself with a song or a book.
I was a wordless me
But I was a fool to think you'd ever leave,
I was a fool to think you'd be like the rest
I was an idiot at best.
In those few moments, I was put to the test.
I should have known all along
It couldn't be true.
We're undeniably strong
For when the worst was over, you were standing right there,
Needing me and wanting to share
And with that same old loving smile you always wear,
You walked up to me and I didn't care
about those few lonely moments I had to bear
Because nothing else matters when you're lips are on mine
And my hands, in your hair
And every apology unsaid and every word unwritten
Is involuntarily shared between souls so smitten.
You are mine, you have and always will be
And even when you wander away
Lose your path and travel astray
I will lose the words but never mourn
For I have faith you will come back one day, you will return
To these arms that can only hold you
To this soul that will always love you.
You are my insanity, you are my craze
Words come easy when you set my heart ablaze.

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