Tuesday, 16 February 2016

To Love v/s To Be Loved

Caught between being loved by one,
and loving another, recklessly,
she found herself on a battlefield,
war in her heart,
about what's best for her and her soul.
On one side stood him,
whom she adores
whom she stares at when he's not looking,
He who takes over her dreams at night
and is oblivious to it all,
who has a love interest of his own
but is nevertheless her dream lover.
And on the other
Someone who chooses to love her
with all her flaws, baggage and all,
someone who looks on to her with eyes of love that make her feel like
she could be the only woman standing on this earth,
who adores her like she was a star in the night sky,
the only hope of brightness to a dark moonless night
he respects her, and understands
he's vowed to always be there to hold her hand.
Stuck between whether to chase or be chased after,
she is almost overwhelmed with laughter.
She's smarter than you think. she chooses the latter.

For you can always learn to love a lover
But you cannot change another's feelings to suit you
You will  fall in love with the someone who adores and respects you
And you will learn to let go of the someone who will inevitably forget you.

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