Monday, 18 May 2015

Through Your Eyes

How dangerous would you deem my love
If I told you how you take my breath away
Would you suffocate me if I pleaded with you,
would you, for me, stay

How strange would I look to you
if I held your hand and kissed it the old fashioned way
Would you connect knuckle to face
Or would you let me keep my pace

How stunned would you feel
if I told you what I feel for you is real
Would you atleast acknowledge it
If not say it back?
Spare me the sensation of feeling myself and my fragile heart crack.

How selfish would it make me in your eyes
if I told you my calm was based on lies
That the entire time you entertained another,
I was holding back from lashing out and stifling my cries

How short tempered a person would you call me
if you knew the rage I held
To think even for once that you would replace me
after knowing how hard I fell

How monstrous would I look to you
if I told you I wanted you all to myself
Would you run as fast and far away as you can
And find yourself safer land

How ridiculous would I look to you
if my actions were driven by jealousy
territorial instinct, the need to call you mine.
I could never share you with anyone, you see

How insane would I come across to you
If I closed off from the world one day in pain
all because I couldn't bear the thought of you
walking with another in the rain

How smitten and utterly foolish do I seem
That everywhere I go I see you
You are but a conquest, my dream
How crazy am I... I love you.

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