Thursday, 7 May 2015


Welcome to a place that'll leave you lost
a place where insignificant details are lit up
and the rest take a back seat, somewhere in the darker corners,
a place for all commonality.
not forgotten forever,
just made unimportant for the moment.
For here is a place where the minutest of details
come together to create the best tales.
Sound enters, but the softest of them will be amplified
the loud are toned down and asked to shut up.
Everything that you'd consider negligible
will, for this place, be highly eligible.
And things you may never have cared to listen to before
will blare through the walls and fill the room
and push every ounce of sanity present
off the edge until it's hanging off the cliff of your conscience
holding on for dear life, the only consolation being
it can fall nowhere else but within.
Running around in circles is every memory
every incident ever saved for later,
every moment one better than the other,
all moving so fast waiting to be sucked into that place
where it'll eventually turn into the worlds most unlimited resource-
And when that conversion takes place,
no ink, no pen, no amount of keys hit
will be able to express it's original beauty
but they will try nevertheless.
They will be forced to.
Such is the mechanics of this Writer's brain.

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