Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother- The Making Of

I've never been able to understand
how perfectly thought-out was God's plan
when he put together the profile of a mother
how different a role from any other.
Did he intend for her to capture a heart
to find true love that's set apart?
Of course he would have had to teach her
that the love she will posses will be higher than any other kind
that she would play one role too many
that she would change mankind
I wonder what was the toughest part 
while designing a mother's heart
was it programming her to always 'sacrifice'?
or was it feeding in all that great advice?
I'd like to think God was being generous
and placed a part of himself within her
so that wherever his newest design would go
She would touch hearts like no other.
He wired her brain, to bear even the most excruciating pain
and lined her soul with a power to home
life in its flesh, within herself
But God had plans un-comprehendable to man
when he gave her the ability to bring life 
For, life she brings not only in the flesh
but by her life, a plethora of bonds she'll mesh.
He decided she would be second in line
to know His children before the world
9 months of extra time with anyone He designed
was a consolation granted only to her
He poured into her heart a potion so unique
to give her a strength that's in-defeatable
a warrior in disguise, behind a mask of sweetness. 
She battles out the wars of her beloved,
designed to protect with a love so strong
she hardly ever goes wrong.
And right before he published his work
he decided to tweak his design and add a few perks
A dash of eternal beauty, a pinch of what makes a friend
and then he knew he'd created, a profile that needed no amends.

What beauty was designed the day God made mine
When He assigned her a life, a balance of joy and strife
She's beautiful, strong, persevering and kind
she houses a heart made entirely of magic, the rarest you will find
Magic is what she's brought to my life
Her love is unconditional, sacrificial and blind
My first friend, my first human touch
If ever I break, I know she'll be my crutch
Mother, you are God's finest work of art
I love you mumma, the queen of my heart.

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