Friday, 1 May 2015

A Little Too Wrong

I was hurt, hurt for no reason
no freakin' rhyme or reason
I hurt him too
I hurt him when it was all new
Neither one of us meant to do what we did
if only for each other, hurt we could forbid.
Had I known it was inevitable
I never would have let it start.
Had I known we were capable
of tearing each other apart
I never would have let us reach
this place where each others boundaries we've breached.
But Hurt comes and goes
He's more a friend now than foe
I hold his hand and live through the day
I pretend that eventually, You and I will be okay.
Words we use as our offense and defense
how we swing them across that imaginary fence.
warm tears in our eyes,
we hide in disguise
putting up a mask
to complete the task
shielding ourselves from the crux of the fight-
that neither you, nor I, can really be right.
We are human, we are imperfect
and we don't always get what we expect
the harder we hold on
the more and more it'll feel wrong.
I no longer wish to be hurt anymore
the wounds in my soul are quickly turning sore.
I can be good for you, I can, I know
You can be good for me too, I know you'll show
but even though we sound like the perfect song,
our melody and lyrics will always be wrong.
Hurt will follow us wherever we go
Hurt- our friend, our damned shadow
we can lie to ourselves for eternities long
but we will always be a little too wrong.

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