Saturday, 30 May 2015

Strange Soul

Call her stupid, call her crazy
but don't you dare call her lazy
She maybe weird and a little bit insane
But she has a heart, and blood in her veins.
She enjoys deep conversations,
and asks all the strangest of questions
but it's not cause she's got nothing else to do
She just wants to understand you.
She cries sometimes, when you don't see it coming,
don't you dare judge her, hold her, her thoughts are running.
She'll obsess over the tiniest of wonders
like the nights sky, or the raging thunder
and you may think she's being a little childish
but give it a thought, maybe your just acting a little too... old-ish.
She feels for fictional beings, her hearts swells with emotion for them,
Allow her into your life, and watch how passionately she loves
experience what it is to be her best friend.
She'll look at you like you are the sun on a rainy day
and she'll care for you in the most unique way
Little things she will do to show you
you mean more to her than any other,
she'll make loving look easy, and letting go, harder.
But beware she craves attention, she wants to know you care
She needs to be reminded, you'll stay, that you will be there.
in my opinion it's the least you can do
say it back to her, when she says she loves you.
She owes you no explanation for the way she is
you either accept her, flaws an all, or walk away, take your call.
But I tell you, she's completely worth the fall
She's good for your heart, if you'll only break that wall.

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