Friday, 8 May 2015

A Moment of Weakness

Imagine this
who defined what love is?
and when it was defined, was it defined from experience or was it a theory?
and if it were a theory, was it ever proved?
For all we know it could still be a hypothetical concept
and what we all call 'love' could be something we've created to console our broken selves.
and even if that's the case,
I wish to understand what really is 'enough love'
and what exactly is not.
and if love is ever enough
is it better when little or lot?
Somebody tell me what happens to all the love that's not returned after being given?
even if it was given with no expectation.
Does the love unaccounted for become one with the worlds rotation?
and if it does, does it set the universe off balance in a way
to know a love is out there, given away
but hasn't found a place yet to stay.
It makes me a little weary, teary eye'd I'd say.
a stream of sadness for the lack of love felt
for the frozen hearts that'll never melt.
Whatever happens then to the love radiated out
does it never reach the right place?
it can't just disappear into space!
or can it?
I need a place to sit.
Wasn't love supposed to be a constant?
a give and take?
to go around and come back around?
equally measured in the world,
one gives while one receives?
then why is this stabbing my every belief
I'm struggling to breathe.
For love was my air
and suddenly, love ain't there.

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