Friday, 26 February 2016


And for just a moment
I thought we were done.
For a fleeting moment
I thought I'd lost the one, the only
person I had,
who could compare
to the feeling of warmth from the sun.
on a cold winters morn.
For a second I thought you gave up,
And you made me wonder
if I had any chances of winning the fight.
But I doubted.
I always believed we were both losers from the beginning,
fools for each other, spoilt and in love,
we lost our hearts to the other
And in losing we won.
We were one.
But I have to admit,
I thought for just a second there
You wanted none
of me, or of what we could be
And of what you wanted me to be.
Did you even want me to be?
For a matter of time, I couldn't rhyme
And to an ordinary, that's not a crime.
But only you know what words mean to me,
And what they mean about me,
And without them, how I'm not even me.
For those few moments the words never came
I was left wondering, will we ever be the same?
But in those moments I must say here
I saw every moment of my life that I had made your own,
I over-read every rough note of the poems for you I wrote.
In an attempt to feel close to you again
I time travelled now and then.
And as much as the fear of losing you often overtook
I distracted myself with a song or a book.
I was a wordless me
But I was a fool to think you'd ever leave,
I was a fool to think you'd be like the rest
I was an idiot at best.
In those few moments, I was put to the test.
I should have known all along
It couldn't be true.
We're undeniably strong
For when the worst was over, you were standing right there,
Needing me and wanting to share
And with that same old loving smile you always wear,
You walked up to me and I didn't care
about those few lonely moments I had to bear
Because nothing else matters when you're lips are on mine
And my hands, in your hair
And every apology unsaid and every word unwritten
Is involuntarily shared between souls so smitten.
You are mine, you have and always will be
And even when you wander away
Lose your path and travel astray
I will lose the words but never mourn
For I have faith you will come back one day, you will return
To these arms that can only hold you
To this soul that will always love you.
You are my insanity, you are my craze
Words come easy when you set my heart ablaze.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


You will meet selfless people in your life.
You will meet them, and befriend them, and they will surprise you.
You will meet them and know them, and not know yourself anymore.
You will meet them, and love them, and your world will change.
You will be astounded by passion in them,
by their drive to always give.
You will doubt their intentions,
but they will prove to be pure.
You will question why,
and more 'why me?'
but they will remain loving ,
loving you unconditionally.
You hold these angels close.
Don't for once think you don't need them.
You hold them close and keep them there,
Not just for you, but for their own love to share,
You accept the love they think you are worthy of,
and accept the fact that they can't stop loving you.
You don't run from a heart that will always understand.
You don't simply let go of the only person who'll hold your hand.
It would be a pity if you let them slide,
while you find refuge behind a wall, your favorite place to hide.
You embrace their love because you know it's worth the world,
you hold it tight, because they will stand by you in the fight.
You keep them near ,
because you want them there now suddenly more than need them.
And because you see now, how they help you grow
You find yourself falling in love with them,
but the kind of love that isn't bound by commitment,
It is simply a loose tie that willingly stays in place,
reversible, but you wouldn't dare untie it.
For they grow on you, they become a part of you,
so much that you can't keep them out at all.
They are within you, and around you,
and suddenly that's no longer an issue.
You like them there
But dare you get used to it,
dare you think for once that you can take them for granted.
Dare at all, to expect them to stand there while you walk all over them.
Hell will break lose as your universe readys its own noose.
Dare you decide to make them a thing of convenient use.
You will break, you will lose,
the one love that was right, the one you didn't have to choose.
They are selfless, but not naive,
they are loving but not blind.
They will kiss you sweetly on the cheek,
smile and say goodbye,
leaving you, another them to find.
I beg you, keep them near,
they are lovers of a special kind,
rare and unique, so hard to find.
You will meet selfless people in your life.
You will meet them, and befriend them, and they will surprise you.
You will meet them and know them, and not know yourself anymore.
You will meet them, and love them, and your world will change.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

To Love v/s To Be Loved

Caught between being loved by one,
and loving another, recklessly,
she found herself on a battlefield,
war in her heart,
about what's best for her and her soul.
On one side stood him,
whom she adores
whom she stares at when he's not looking,
He who takes over her dreams at night
and is oblivious to it all,
who has a love interest of his own
but is nevertheless her dream lover.
And on the other
Someone who chooses to love her
with all her flaws, baggage and all,
someone who looks on to her with eyes of love that make her feel like
she could be the only woman standing on this earth,
who adores her like she was a star in the night sky,
the only hope of brightness to a dark moonless night
he respects her, and understands
he's vowed to always be there to hold her hand.
Stuck between whether to chase or be chased after,
she is almost overwhelmed with laughter.
She's smarter than you think. she chooses the latter.

For you can always learn to love a lover
But you cannot change another's feelings to suit you
You will  fall in love with the someone who adores and respects you
And you will learn to let go of the someone who will inevitably forget you.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Some time in your life, you'll meet someone who'll treat you right
Who'll make you feel like you're the finest gem of the earth and the only reason there is a thing called beauty
Who will reach into your soul and your past and every story you thought would never last and will turn you inside out.
Who'll make you an open book when all you thought you could be is a dusty novel sitting on a shelf
Who'll tell you "you are extraordinary", and unlike the rest, actually mean it.
Whose eyes will light up at the sight of you because nothing else could be more amazing.
Who gives you love, unconditionally, for nothing in return but your respect.
Who'll tell you each day that you deserve more love than you receive
and more care than you will be willing to believe
And you know what your first instinct will be?
To run
And run you will.
In fear. Fear that someone in this world really holds you dear
Fear that someone could care for you of all, could care for every of your joy and every sorrow filled tear
You would have never known a love like this exists
For you've only known lies and deceit disguised as a kiss
You will feel special and loved and most importantly needed. You will belong
But you will run far away cause anything that's different is wrong
And you know what?
That 'someone' will walk away
as soon as he or she sees no reason to stay
not understanding why you would choose to let a love like that go away
Truth is, you don't understand either, anyway
That 'someone' will love again but never the same
Will never forget your voice, your face, your sweet name
That someone will spend days questioning why
And you will forever be the heart that let go
With an unfinished goodbye.
And I'm definite you will let go
I have no doubt
With a heart that doesn't want to believe in its own beauty
You're always looking for an out
But there is no telling when this someone will come your way
Whether he or she is in the far future, past or walking with you today.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


And in all of this I only ask
that you take me not for granted.
Acknowledge my care,
appreciate me being there.
For I am not to be pitied,
especially for how much I love you,.
I don't need your eyes to look at me like this,
like I'm the only one who made that kiss.
I love you, not cause I want to,
but because you're in my veins.
I have no choice, but to my heart give voice,
and in your hands place the reins.
I have spent nights trying to understand,
how best to be your man.
The stars tease me and call me names
they say I'm stuck in a dangerous game.
I don't want to believe the things they say,
about how you don't need me,
and how you're using me anyway.
Show me, love, that they are all talk
and that when you and I meet,
it's for more than just a walk.
Show me, that when we confide,
you really do place your troubles aside.
Show me that you care not only for your own,
but for needs that are mine too.
Show me you see, how in love we've grown
and that in this relationship, I am not alone.
I am invested way too deep to even think of backing out.
but I ask that you be open, if you have even a hint of a doubt
I seek the love I give, I drown myself to love and live
and if you can't see me for me,
then I've a bitter taste in my mouth,
holding back screams that I wish to let out.
Show me, love, that this is not what we're about.
I only ask,
that you take me not for granted.
In my eyes, you are all.
We are uniquely enchanted.
We work because we love
we love because we work
and in this circle there flows a beauty
that no other has seen
A beautiful bond, real and clean.
And if all else were to fail tomorrow,
I will be the one to stand by you,
be careful how you hold my heart today
you decide, if I go or stay. 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

I do. You don't.

Is it that you don't care or simply that you won't?
Is it that your burden is heavier than ever before bourne?
Is it that we've grown cold, less together, more alone?
Is it that your soul feels more weary, wrong, worn?
I can't help but measure the distance
You've put between your heart and mine.
I fear reaching in today,
Afraid of what I may find.
Could it be you've found another
To hold you when you fall.
But darling how can you forget,
I held you, your heart, your troubles and all.
Could it be you've found another,
Whose kiss weakens your knees
But never forget, dear love,
Our kisses moved the seas.
Could it be you feel broken, hurt and deceived,
But when no one listened, it was I alone who believed.
Could it be you no longer feel whole,
you want to, but you're pieces of a soul.
Let me remind you love,
It was a broken me that you stole.
Could it be you no longer see a spark,
When we talk, when we touch, when we lay in the dark,
You and I shared a burning desire,a flame that burned bright,
You ignited the fire between us that burned through the night.
I could question you and myself for hours on end
And still never know
Is it that you don't care or simply that you won't?

Friday, 5 February 2016


What hits me when most unexpected is how we've changed,
how we've turned familiar from an uncanny strange
how we've drifted closer like the waves touch the shore
and how even then, we've been seeking more
How it's never enough and how that's just right
how I look at your eyes in the stars at night
what throws me into a train of thought
is wondering how much we've fought
and how immediately, it is each other we've sought
what grabs me and keeps me in place
is your naughty mind behind an angel face
and the ground beneath my feet gives way
when I'm ready to leave but you whisper "stay"
what pales in comparison to the loves I've seen
is that yours is ruled by a damaged heart with a lot of sheen
what surprises me each time is your need to be extraordinary
and you succeed at it ten fold
in an attempt to be the best of yourself
you've become the warmest heart among the world's cold.
what never comes to mind when they think of you
is the battles you've fought to reach your stage
who would know unless they've peeked in like me
how a girl can turn warrior when caged
What blows me away is the love- hate we share
how we pretend we don't, when all we do is care
We never show it, but we already know it
Through the storms and through the nights, we'll be there.
What hits me when most unexpected is how we've changed,
how we've turned familiar from an uncanny strange

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Someday We'll Know

Someday, I'll see it like you do,
Someday, I'll know
why you chose to take a step back
why, of us, you let go.
Someday, it'll make more sense
why it took you all but a matter of seconds
to erect walls around you again
the kind that took me months to break down
the kind that stand tall and sound.
Someday, I will understand why
you look to me these days with less a smile
and more a sigh,
and why loving and being seems too tiring to try,
and why you'd rather sleep it off alone,
than on my shoulder cry.
Someday I'll know why running seemed a better option
than talking it through.
Someday, maybe, I'll explain to you.
Someday, maybe our paths will cross again
hopefully at a time, when emptied of all the pain.
Someday, we'll know what today means,
but for today, we have nothing to believe.
Someday, I'll sit with you and hold your hand
and I hope you'll see then, why I took a stand.
Someday, we may be less, or possibly more than now,
whatever be that day, I will still love you, that's a vow.
Someday when our stars align,
and when we are at peace with each other in heart and mind,
I'll see you again, and in you I will find,
that love was never lost, it was just left behind.
That 'Someday' may still be a while away
but it is a hope that'll never turn sore
a hope, that we are more,
a hope that if not today,
someday, we'll know.