Monday, 25 April 2016

The Forever Formula

Stay in touch, stay involved,
respect and keep your space.
Reach out, but not too deep,
be near, yet know your place.
Stay attentive and responsive,
stay forgiving and kind.
Remember, and cherish
Let out of sight, never be out of mind.
Be aware, be sound,
be available, be around.
Need togetherness, need isolation,
but desire love and not separation.
Hold your grudges if they're all you have left,
otherwise, hold what's really important,
the friendships you safely kept.
Be mindful, be alert,
of theirs and mostly your worth.
be knowing of the love you deserve,
be knowing of change and swerve.
if God forbid, you lose all heart,
I pray you claw back to the beginning
to the very start,
and you begin anew keeping in mind,
that whats past is to be left behind.
I pray you look only ahead,
at the friendships you wish to make and amend,
The secret is to never give up,
on either yourself or them.
We're all only human,
unaware of the effect we leave,
we're interdependent
whether we'd like or not to believe.
The challenge is to stay,
and never walk away.
The challenge is to hold on tight,
when they grow distant, and dark as the night.
The challenge is to find the light.
The real deal begins, when the end draws near,
that's when you begin to reiterate,
you're always gonna be here.
And leave it that that,
leave them with the surety of your open arms.
For when they realize it,
they'll know where lies the answers to their qualms
Do your part, do whatever it takes to keep them near,
let them know that they matter, that they are dear.
While it may all seem like too much effort on your part.
think of it this way, you're only looking out for your heart.
The heart wants what it wants, and no amount of taming will suffice,
Risk it if it means there's a chance it'll survive.
The trick is to always believe
that no real friend is ever meant to leave.

Sunday, 24 April 2016


Find someone who frustrates you to the point of insanity,
to the extent that you will be forced to be the best version of yourself.
Someone who challenges your every move and decision,
and questions your every self proclaimed theory.
Someone who'll look at you with scrutinizing eyes,
that are soft and comforting,
yet sharp and merciless.
Someone who can sit across from you and allow you to cry it out
and tell you "once those tears are out, I never want to see them back for the same reason, we clear?"
Find someone who moves you,
you heart, your soul, your mind.
And someone who keeps you in line.
Find someone who doesn't waste your time,
but makes every moment worth it,
someone with whom all wars are a battle of wits.
Someone with whom by the cool grass and under a sparkling sky, you will sit.
Find someone who'll hurt you back when you lose your cool,
find someone who is a lovesick fool.
Someone to make you feel like you've been living a lie, 
that all this time, you've been wrong to think that the earth revolved around you
The world never revolved around you.
If the world should revolve around anyone,
if Your world should revolve anyone,
it should be him.
He is bitter and cold,
yet he leaves a beautiful taste on your lips,
warm and whole
he's truthful, and wild
but he tells white lies like a child
He is rain when your heart's drenched in pain
but he will fill your heart
leaving you with the kind of fragrance the rain leaves when it hits the dry summers earth
He will show you your worth.
He will surround you
with his words and deeds first,
and then with a hug.
and he'll probably, about it, be quite smug.
And you'll feel it, in your heart, you'll feel that tug
because, by God! If he's anything
he is thorough with love
and in love.
and he'll love you with all his might
All this time, you've been wrong to think that the earth revolved around you
The world never revolved around you.
the world stood there, with a smile so charming
and passion in his eyes that shone when they met yours.
the world, was simply waiting for you to say the word
Be my world. 

Monday, 18 April 2016


You have become words
that paper can no longer handle.
You burn through the parchment
leaving your mark, irreversible, dark.
Paper isn't where you belong anymore,
even paper knows so.
You are words that escape me.
You write yourself in my mind
and disappear just the same,
you are cunning, playing your game.
You were never meant for paper,
paper was too ordinary for you.
You were meant to be proclaimed,
told to the people of the world,
you were to be boasted about,
to every boy and girl.
You love, are poetry that can never stay still.
You are words written inside me,
written against my will.
Sleep eludes me at night,
but you don't.
You love, are poetry that can never stay still.
words of you, my dreams, they fill
but you have officially turned