Thursday, 20 February 2014

Love is Her Name

Her heart's a power house, it never rests
she'll wrap her arms around you 
and you'll be filled with a force so strong 
you'll want to be the best.

She'll give you the feels when she holds you,

And you'll melt in the purity of her touch
You'll need no other source of love
When she's already giving you so much.

She'll mesmerize you with her smile 

and you'll be inspired for more than just a little while
She'll awaken something within you
A strength that'll have you racing for miles

Her limit reaches beyond the sky

The blue is never sadness.. Only hope
Her wings, though invisible are beautiful and white.
Her sky, wide, engulfing and hers to cope.

She'll paint the floors as she walks ahead,

with colours, that with one another, will blend
She'll create shades of emotion that will grasp you
And to her, your attention, you will lend.

And when she passes you by

You'll know Sweetness in its human form.
A breeze that's so heavenly, hailstones of love,
Hitting your face like a rainstorm

Passion is her middle name 

and Adventure her best friend
She will talk to you with words that capture
And her principles will never bend.

Her voice will surround you and trap you there

And her music will fill your mind.
A melody so harmonious, it'll move you
until yourself, you find. 

Her hair: tresses and ringlets of royalty

will fly in the wind and sit back down on her skin.
And her faithful brown will burst into colour
And the shades of her, will overtake them and win. 

She'll make you believe and she'll make you care.

For uncaring souls, time she will never spare
Even though she holds her heart close, near,
She's given it to many, open and bare.

Love is beautiful and love is kind

Love is everthing conjured up in your mind
Love is colourful and full of detailed design
But most importantly, Love is mine.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Girl Who Lives Music

Her life is a song
And she made me sing along
the melody flowed from her lips,
the lyrics from her heart,
and they touched my soul,
and grasped it with power.
She was made for music, music for love.
and love she did,
though it broke her apart.
But music proved to be her magic, her saving grace.
It lifted the pieces of her from the ground
and taped her back together.
That staff of melody wrapped around her being
and healed her.
Every note and pitch became one with her
until she lived, and breathed music.
Life's song then broke into a quartet,
So many voices and she had to decide on one.
She could challenge herself and take that step up
or she could chose to be comfortable and stay put.
So she listened carefully, and decide she did.
she chose the challenge, the highest to pitch.

It came with a price,
to leave her old songs behind.
So she carried with her, a blank music sheet.
A new one to write.

The newness of it all, makes her voice shaky
she fears she's not hitting the notes right.
she's afraid she's lost the power of her song
she's afraid she can't make them sing along.

So she stops. She gives up. She sings no more.
Her music sheet, half filled.
The melody still plays in her heart
But she lacks inspiration to start.
The strings remain untouched, the keys feeling lonely as us
but most importantly, she's left that music sheet to gather dust.

"Don't stop" I tell her, "don't you dare abandon love.
Love is music, and music is you.
Be passionate, be strong,
be music.
it's where you've ALWAYS belonged.
your inspiration may be far, and too many songs away
but they know they want to hear you sing
that new song one day."

Our Balancing Act

There are two sides to you And there are two sides to me too. The difference between you and me, I'm talking about my twin, you see. Its always been about completion and perfection. We've never tolerated work half done. She'll do something for the learning experience I'll do it for the fun. She'll initiate something, I'll be the one to end it well. She'll knock at a door while I ring a doorbell. She'll look left before crossing, I look right. She'll be the eyes behind my head, a second sight. She's my mirror when a strong wind ruins my hairdo, and in turn I'm her mirror too. My skills are nothing without her ideas, Her wisdom enhances my knowledge. She'll read my mind before I have spoken I'll know who to strangle when her heart's broken. I wake her at dawn, I'm the early bird of the morn She spends hours into the night, the pen, her might. She holds the chords while I strum together a tune She'll count the stars while I stare at the moon. She's calm and composed when I lose my cool She's bold enough to never be fooled. While I drink coffee, she can't go a day without tea I panic under pressure and she works calmly. I like the winter but she prefers the summer I'm the singer and she, the hummer I cut her long stories short, she completes my sentences, I'm bad at grammar, she's the queen of tenses. She writes the good stuff, I write of the dark She'll cup the fire, after I've lit the spark. She hates attention while I crave the same She walks like a boy, and I like a dame. She'll break out into song when we walk down the road, how she knows it's the one I want to hear, only heaven will know. She'll stand to my left to show off her hair I'll stand to her right, my face's dimple to bare She'll take down notes while I sit and stare When I'm not feeling too hungry, she'll be happy to have my share I'm the teapot and she, the spout I'm happy with just clapping, but she'll insist we shout. I'll use a paint brush, she'll dip her hands in the colour She's my brightness when the day's only getting duller. We're two faces of a coin And we'll always have each others backs when something tries to push us down, We'll perform Our Balancing Act.