Friday, 25 March 2016


Suddenly she wasn't sure
whether the truth brought her out of misery
or only pushed her in some more
for now it hurt more than it ever did before
now it was real, and turned every healed wound, sore
Now it completely tore
open a heart that had been too bold to show
how much it had invested
how much it had to know
Maybe it was destined
maybe it had to come out someday
maybe she should have seen it coming
Maybe it was her price to pay
for trusting yet another with her heart all the way
For yet again, she'd let it stay
in the hands of someone
who treated it the same way
as all the others ever did
with care only for their own need
She accepted the words with bravery and grace
and walked away in need of space
She walked on over to her hiding place
but let not a tear stain her face
She was broken inside and falling apart
but she can't remember a time,
when she felt pieced together
it had been this way from the start
she laid down on the cool ground
staring at the stars
wondering if lying bastards lived on mars
She'd happily migrate
if it meant she'd have a better fate
the world was getting too cliché
she no longer wanted to even try
and it was no longer even worth a cry
she could lay there all night
until sleep overtook
and dream of a man she'd read today in a book

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Lessons To Learn

What we had was gold
What we shared was bold
But I should have seen it coming
Should have known we'd grow old
Just like in the stories told
Then, all it took was one look, and I was sold
Now I'm left reminiscing
What we had was gold
What we became was indestructible
It seemed that way at least
Now we're broken and scattered
Still looking for our final peace
Our hearts were exchanged on lease
Tomorrow though, I'll come return your keys
We had tangled well,
Never knowing where one began
and the other ended
Now we're trying to undo the moments
We spat out words so distasteful
Words we otherwise never intended
Words, that tangled between our lips
Like our limbs beneath the sheets
We made love, had fun
But now we're too apart to ever be one
We're stuck in an oblivious state
Where Always is a promise we question
And love is hidden behind a wall of hate
We studied each other well
And now learned our lessons
But you will always be the class I'd take
For you, I will put it all at stake
72 hours ago, you were it
You were the final piece
You were lover, my friend, a minx, a tease
Now your lips hone a desperate "please"
Asking me to walk away,
Like it's something I'll do with ease
We loved. It was real
I don't think that kind of thing is erasable
But we loved. Past tense.
And now there's no sitting on a fence
You've gone your own way
And I'm on the other side
In the past I have cried
But I've learned and learned some more
Everyone eventually walks out that door
We are but just human devices
To be used to love and care
And then to move on, that love to share
Although, elsewhere.
I will cherish all the need you felt for me
And all the need I felt for you
But I will never forgive, for as long as I live
The lie you stood by
That my forever was you.

Monday, 21 March 2016


The least I can do is remember you
after all the pain you went through
and all the love you were a stranger to
and all the smiles that never faced you
and all the laughter that missed to wipe away the blue
the blue that filled you
The least I can do is tell the world your story
about how you did good
but shied away from glory
And even though you faded away
from everything tangible, night and day
your memory hangs on to my heart
forever there to stay
The least I can do
is remember you today
and remind the world of your name
I believe nothings been the same,
since the day that call came
And even though I fall into routine
time and again,
nothing erases that 'empty' pain,
when I walk by your house
and see us there,
sitting at your porch
with not a world's care.
The least I can do is remember you,
and all the stupid things you'd say and do.
These moments of nostalgia are all I have
and all I can give to you.
I won't let your memory fade, dear friend
the least I can do, is always remember you.


I have memorized your face
I know every little blemish and every clear space
your eyes talk to me more often than your tongue
your heart's calm, while mines high strung
I know it when you've day dreamed at night
I can see it in your smile
I know it when you've woken up from a fight,
or out of fright
and when you dread the thought of daylight
I can see all too clear
when the brown of your eyes
turn lighter in surprise
or when they lose their life,
as you battle the strife.
I could study them
and know every tell
I could be the only one
to know you this well.
but you, you will remain oblivious
or rather, you will choose to
And you will lose many a heart
if you continue on this path.
But I'll never hold it against you
as long as you follow your heart.
Nevertheless I wish you Love alone
because Love is the only blessing that'll
never let you wander in company that's your own
And there is nothing more I'd want for you
than to always be surrounded by company that's true
I may not be the one you choose
but I will not let you be the one I lose.
Who are we fooling
when we're both oblivious fools.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Actor

You aren't you.
At least not when you're up there,
Lights on your face, a spark in your eye.
Today laughter, tomorrow a strangled cry.
You are here today and tomorrow, elsewhere.
Your face so expressive one moment, the next a blank stare
You are filled with passion,
Passion to be,
Not one, but many.
But it is who you want to be.
And who am I to stand between
you and your lifetime dream.
But the problem here isn't all of the above.
The problem here is that I'm in love.
I'm in love with you. And I mean only You.
I don't feel anything for the characters you make true.
Behind all that make up and hair spray,
Is my soulmate, my night and day.
And I want nothing more than to watch you.
I will sit among the crowds and watch you shine
And I will stand when you bow, and tell everyone you're mine.
I will stand with pride, I have no doubt
But I won't kiss you until I'm sure as hell,
from your character's mind, you've come out.
For when our lips connect, our souls will too
And I will know at once if I'm not kissing you.
Spare me the torture of making love to another
While the man I love is lost altogether.
In this light, I ask but one thing,
That you take your characters to the stage
But never, to our home, bring.
In foresight, what I would inevitably dread,
Is if you lose yourself in your characters head.
And dare you bring a stranger into our bed.
I want you, for it is you I will wed.
And if ever you lose yourself in an act or two
Take your time, and all that you need,
I will be, patiently, waiting up for you.
What I hold on to now and for the days to come
Is that you play one role in my life, my life, my love
I've seen you up there and I've seen the roles you wear,
But none are as charming as you really are.
None can be my north star.
I ask that when you come home each day,
You keep me close and the rest of you away.
Tell your characters to leave us alone,
Take them off with the clothes you've worn.
Stand bare before me and let me see,
That you are the man that fell in love with me.
And I will love you and all of just you with every piece of my heart,
I will love you only with your characters apart.
You are you when you're loving me,
And that's the only You I need you to be.