Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Calm In The Storm

And when the skies cry out for all the pain
for all the lost love, it stood to gain
I will stand with you, through the storm and the rain
however far you drive me insane
you are shelter from the might of the winds
even when I'm being blown away
you make me believe there is a song in the breeze
you make me believe there is always a way
and when you blend in,
become as strong as the storm
when you become the angry downpour and rain
I wish to feel your pain
I wish to be drenched in you aggressive embrace
I wish nothing than to get into your personal space
You are the storm within me, unsettling and restless
awakening me, like the rains do to the earth
opening my soul to newness and love
You are wild and powerful, yet right
you bring to me, in all of the ruckus, peace and quiet
You are the calm in the storm
when the thunder roars in time with my heart
you shine brighter than the flash of lightning
in a dark windy sky, you are a work of celestial art
the rain's falling hard and noisy against my window pane
my hearts a storm, but sheltered from the rain
you are the storm I wish to throw myself into
you are the calm I wish to gain.

Thursday, 23 July 2015


Age old and sturdy
you and I will remain
when the hammer hits
we'll hold each other,
refuge from the pain
we have only each other to lose,
only each other to gain.
There is something that holds us together
Something that won't let us fall apart
Something hard as metal, a real work of art
Rain and snow, trials and woe
will rust it up, more than we know
We'll erode, and one day
be one with the dust
but if it means I will grow old with you
I will happily rust.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Stubborn and Scarred

I have scars on my hands from touching hearts
they walked into my life and stole my attention
they shook the ground beneath me and made me unstable
they took every rule I had made for myself and broke it like it was nothing
and in my mind I was a free bird, a soul thirsty for love
a soul being quenched with theirs.
With every wall broken I now had no place to hide
I was open and alive, and very much naive
I reached out to love,
and my safe place to leave
and with every little piece of me I gave
I left nothing for me, myself to save
I was burned
with every spark of love I ignited
I attracted but another sting
with every new heart I won
I put myself before the gun
Scarred and burned, I lay un-turned,
fighting for my breath, I'll never learn
I have scars on my hands from touching hearts
here I go again, heal, love, restart.

Monday, 13 July 2015


Now and then I like to recall
that faithful day I took the fall
when things were new and we were too,
that walk in the evening was as beautiful as you
I like to go back to that day time and again
and constantly relive that moment when
your fingers brushed against mine
and then so naturally intertwined
we talked about me and we talked about you
we talked about all of the things we like to do.
You stuttered and stammered while I acted like a fool
we were imperfectly perfect, the hottest of the cool.
we looked at the ground and smiled
we looked everywhere else but dared not into each other eyes
we were smitten, head over heels, and shy
and sooner than we knew it, time came for goodbye
nervous and anew, I waited with you
until your ride arrived to take you home
you got on your toes and almost kissed my nose
but your lips on my cheek felt like home
that evening may have been the only one
but so are you dear, my only,
my one and done.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

This Is Why I Love You

The world is your playground
you run, you fall, you bruise your knees and elbows
but then you get up and run again.
Wounds turn into scars, and scabs fall off with time
but you're still running, with me, my partner in crime.
This is why I love you
the sky is your canvas, your fingers a drawing tool
you paint the clouds with dreams and visions
you make every artist look like a fool
In your eyes there exists a passion
a glittery sparkle that puts the sun to shame
your hand can heal a hurting heart
and put a smile on the face of the lame
This is why I love you
You are a drop in the ocean, part of the whole
but you fill up my senses, medicine for my soul
Your heart thrives on emotion, on feeling all too much
you accept and understand and absorb and love
and then you give with no hesitation,
you are my dream lover, my turtle dove
You see nothing as simple and laid out
You look deeper until you find your way through
You talk about your heart and what you know to be true
You make loving easy, because you love you
and This is why I love you
You read me like a book, you learn me right
you are my reflection, my mirror, my pride
You see me for the mess I am inside
You make no effort to tidy me up, instead you sit by my side
and we watch the stars go by
This is why I love you
This is precisely why.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Infinite Moment

I had a life and death moment today
and in that split second,
in that tiny spec of a period in all of the world's time
I saw a hundred million things flash before my eyes.
I pictured my mother, and my family
and my extended family of friends.
I pictured the people who said "I'll see you tomorrow",
oblivious that today could have been an end
I spared a thought for my ol' best friend
And cried a little inside for the heart that won't mend.
I whispered a prayer for the people I owed apologies to,
and one for those I had meant to forgive.
I envisioned the 'I Love Yous' that remained unsaid,
the very same ones I often kept trapped in my head.
I pictured a future that would now, never be mine,
one where my soulmate would search for me, but never find.
I replayed the argument from last night,
wanting nothing more now than a smile and a hug tight.
I listened to the voice in my head
that reminded me of all the tears shed
I saw the ones I love and the once loved,
and the love that won
and among all the chaos of the faces I saw
I tried to hold on tight to everyone, good and flawed
and in that moment I prayed to be given just another chance
To complete the incomplete, to give all my love.
I heard that last beat before my heart would never beat again
I took that last breath before I'd never breathe again
and prayed no one else would have to leave the way I do
with words unsaid and feelings hidden too
this was it, I knew.
But I'm here. and I'm writing this
so that you know what you need to do
before that infinite moment meets you. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Nothing's The Same

And nothing would have ever moved,
that pen would have shed no ink,
that book would have stayed blank,
those lips would have no one to thank,
that mind would have no where to get lost in,
that stubborn heart would have no battle to win,
that morning would have been lifeless and dull
that coffee's effect void and null
that lamp would have stayed dark as the night
shady like her soul when the story lay untold
that page would have never been scrawled upon
and torn out and crumpled and fallen victim to her anger
but somehow in the confines of the bin
away from it's perfect white state, it brings no feeling of failure
just a clean slate
That hand wouldn't hurt as much as it did
that neck would never have had to know pain
but all of this would have come true
if she hadn't fallen in love, madly and insane
for in love, she is driven to write simple, plain
easy and well, and with nothing to gain
but the knowledge that her words don't go in vain.
In her new blank journal she begins,
for her lover, her prince charming
her fairtytale.