Friday, 25 March 2016


Suddenly she wasn't sure
whether the truth brought her out of misery
or only pushed her in some more
for now it hurt more than it ever did before
now it was real, and turned every healed wound, sore
Now it completely tore
open a heart that had been too bold to show
how much it had invested
how much it had to know
Maybe it was destined
maybe it had to come out someday
maybe she should have seen it coming
Maybe it was her price to pay
for trusting yet another with her heart all the way
For yet again, she'd let it stay
in the hands of someone
who treated it the same way
as all the others ever did
with care only for their own need
She accepted the words with bravery and grace
and walked away in need of space
She walked on over to her hiding place
but let not a tear stain her face
She was broken inside and falling apart
but she can't remember a time,
when she felt pieced together
it had been this way from the start
she laid down on the cool ground
staring at the stars
wondering if lying bastards lived on mars
She'd happily migrate
if it meant she'd have a better fate
the world was getting too cliché
she no longer wanted to even try
and it was no longer even worth a cry
she could lay there all night
until sleep overtook
and dream of a man she'd read today in a book

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