Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Lessons To Learn

What we had was gold
What we shared was bold
But I should have seen it coming
Should have known we'd grow old
Just like in the stories told
Then, all it took was one look, and I was sold
Now I'm left reminiscing
What we had was gold
What we became was indestructible
It seemed that way at least
Now we're broken and scattered
Still looking for our final peace
Our hearts were exchanged on lease
Tomorrow though, I'll come return your keys
We had tangled well,
Never knowing where one began
and the other ended
Now we're trying to undo the moments
We spat out words so distasteful
Words we otherwise never intended
Words, that tangled between our lips
Like our limbs beneath the sheets
We made love, had fun
But now we're too apart to ever be one
We're stuck in an oblivious state
Where Always is a promise we question
And love is hidden behind a wall of hate
We studied each other well
And now learned our lessons
But you will always be the class I'd take
For you, I will put it all at stake
72 hours ago, you were it
You were the final piece
You were lover, my friend, a minx, a tease
Now your lips hone a desperate "please"
Asking me to walk away,
Like it's something I'll do with ease
We loved. It was real
I don't think that kind of thing is erasable
But we loved. Past tense.
And now there's no sitting on a fence
You've gone your own way
And I'm on the other side
In the past I have cried
But I've learned and learned some more
Everyone eventually walks out that door
We are but just human devices
To be used to love and care
And then to move on, that love to share
Although, elsewhere.
I will cherish all the need you felt for me
And all the need I felt for you
But I will never forgive, for as long as I live
The lie you stood by
That my forever was you.

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