Monday, 21 March 2016


The least I can do is remember you
after all the pain you went through
and all the love you were a stranger to
and all the smiles that never faced you
and all the laughter that missed to wipe away the blue
the blue that filled you
The least I can do is tell the world your story
about how you did good
but shied away from glory
And even though you faded away
from everything tangible, night and day
your memory hangs on to my heart
forever there to stay
The least I can do
is remember you today
and remind the world of your name
I believe nothings been the same,
since the day that call came
And even though I fall into routine
time and again,
nothing erases that 'empty' pain,
when I walk by your house
and see us there,
sitting at your porch
with not a world's care.
The least I can do is remember you,
and all the stupid things you'd say and do.
These moments of nostalgia are all I have
and all I can give to you.
I won't let your memory fade, dear friend
the least I can do, is always remember you.

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