Monday, 18 July 2016

We'll Get There

They know.
they look at us,
and they know.
Maybe it shows.
I know.
when I look at you,
O how I know!
I know that you're the one
and I can look at you for days
never tire of your face
I could gaze in awe
at every contour
and every dip and plane of your face
But there is pain on your face
because they know.
because they're watching me looking at you.
and they know.
I want to protect you from their piercing gaze
protect us from them calling us a phase.
Oh they'll never see,
they're all crazed.
I'm counting the days,
and all the ways,
until and how
we can be one;
until and when
we won't need to fear guns
and looks, and stones and bombs
stay calm, my love
we will reach there
there where we can love free
there where I will love you openly
there when you and I
can unashamedly be we.

1 comment:

  1. I support the cause. And a wonderful composition. Loved the feel of it.