Friday, 15 July 2016

Spread Love. Not Hate. #PrayForNice

I beg thee,
I beg thee to Love and never stop
I beg thee to Love anything you do
and do everything with Love.
I beg thee to let your motives always be Love.
I beg thee to keep in check,
that deep down,
hiding behind any thought or act,
let there only be Love.
I beg thee, erase anything that erases Love
I beg thee,
because we are in dire need of Love.
Love for life,
your own and those of others
I beg thee to think twice
before you let even one spark of hate
danger someones fate.
I beg thee to have faith.
That we can be a better world
before it's too late.
I beg thee to spread love alone,
Never hate. 

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