Saturday, 23 July 2016


Oh and if there's anything I've learned about her,
It is that she loves the chase.
She wants the banter, a flirty back and forth,
for her, love isn't about haste.
She wants to taste
what it's like to have wit on her tongue
and the lips of her lover.
She walks away to see if you'll hover.
She wants to drive you to the end of your tether,
and then  trace your jaw lovingly,
with a smile, entrancing, a touch like feather.
May I add how she loves the stormy weather,
how the roaring thunder chases after lightening,
and how the tides hug the shore
in an embrace that's rather frightening.
She wants the give and take,
She wants to wake
to a teasing touch
that feels like an honest 'I love you much'.
She loves the subtext,
the hidden yet evident intent,
subtleties and meaningful stares,
big hints, small cares.
She likes being a mystery
she likes unraveling one too
she's afraid shes more in love with the chase
than she is in love with you.