Thursday, 28 July 2016


From where I stand now,
I'm left wondering how
such beauty on earth is not worshiped
such grace not revered.
For this species of beauty shouldn't go unheard.
From this distance,
everything falls in perspective,
everything falls in place.
From this distance,
I'm allowed space,
to properly gaze at your sky for a face,
graced with the shine of the stars for eyes,
and a warm smile that's all truth with a touch of lies.
For there is sensuousness in your walk,
and intellect in your talk.
You are all jazz and soft piano tunes,
your pain, as invisible as your wounds.
From a distance I can see
that we may never be.
From a distance, I tread carefully,
from a distance, you are heavenly.
From a distance I know
Distant is all we'll ever be.

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