Friday, 6 May 2016

Soul Satisfying

It all made sense, that I had gaps. 
I had empty spaces and you knew how to cover the holes in my soul. 
You knew what to say and when to say it, you knew how and you knew why, 
and you knew it before I cried. 
You saw through the void in me, and made me see I am more than what I'm told to be.
You showed me what I am when I am me and you grew on me. 
You became the wind that blew reality in my face when I stood at the edge of the cliff
ready and willing to give it all up.
You were the face I saw behind closed eyes a second before I took the next step onto thin air
and it was the tears in your eyes that pushed me back two humongous steps until I fell to the soft warm grass.
But the moments after that were torturous
as I lay in the grass, staring at the blue skies above me,
the ones that pale in comparison to the blue I felt inside
knowing you'll never know
knowing that today isn't the same as yesterday was,
knowing that you aren't yesterday's you. 
I'm left reminiscing about you all the time. 
Every conversation, mostly the ones that made no sense, those are the ones I cherish most, 
those are the ones, of love, they boast. 
The kind we know isn't going anywhere, but we flow with it, you let me share, 
until my soul was bare. 
You were always there. 
And all of those gaps, the ones that led nowhere, were suddenly covered whole, no longer cold, 
a soul easier to hold and carry around, because no longer was there a void to be found. 
You made me whole. You satisfied my soul.
You walked away, bold. 

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