Sunday, 8 May 2016


Can you be you
Can you be the you I fell in love with
The you who fell in love with me
The you who let me be me
Cause this new you won't let me be carefree
This new you is more laughing at me than with me
Downsizing me, depreciating me
This new you, is not the real you.
This new you is scary and unreal and trying hard
You've never had to try. You just had to be, you know
Yet there you are, wind in your hair, feet here, mind afar
Breath warm and filled with that last one from the bar
And here I am, wondering who you are.
This isn't you.
But hell who am I to tell you what you should be
You've always been the ruler of your life
I just feel it vital for you to know
That maybe you're letting yourself go.
And maybe you won't listen, maybe you want more
But I'm trying and tiring of holding on
I don't want to be gone
I don't want you to be gone.
But it seems you want the space
You want me nowhere near your place
And definitely not in your face.
That's just my problem though.
Staying away. From the one person who I live for every day.
You. The real you.
The real you that's tip toeing away.

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