Sunday, 23 October 2016

What If...

What if we can be great
what if you and I were made to be
each other's eternity.
What if we soar instead of crash,
and what if we burn stronger,
never crumbling to ash.
What if we were meant to belong here,
and spend a life or two long, dear.
What if you were meant to never place foot on the moon,
cause gravity makes more sense when we laze at noon,
and fall slowly, buts surely, into bliss
what if we kiss, and worse, what if we miss what could be,
what should be.
Just cause the thought of ''we''
sounds mind- numbingly sexy,
but even more scary.
What if we become as healing as the sun,
what if you're the one,
what if we'll never know,
if we were meant to be so much more.
I could go insane,
waiting, wondering, what-if-ing,
or I could sing
to you.
And present a ring to you,
and we could paint a rainbow against a dark blue
Sky, then you'll know why
I love art, and I love your heart.
What if we could just start,
to love, and love strong.
What if, we could be together,
What if we belong.

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