Sunday, 23 October 2016

Song of the Soul

There are souls who possess
the ability to love with no condition, to bless.
They love with no inhibitions,
no prejudice, no motive,
their love is less about 'take'
and infinitely about 'give'.
Walking a thin line
between accepting it as a curse,
or treating it as a boon,
these souls heal more than wound.
Never quite finding a mirror for their souls,
no one to love them the same, no one to hold.
Never stops them from loving ten-fold.
A heart that is often broken,
but never grows cold,
taken for granted, misunderstood
always caring more than they should.
Their love tastes of sugar and smells of sweet escape,
brings a calmness of the sun in all it's glorious entirety
setting behind a city scape,
like a cool breeze that comes your way
after the day has fallen asleep.
Feels almost like an embrace from the ocean,
vast and deep.
They kiss with their souls instead of lips
and dance with their hearts instead of hips.
Fibs will never be born of their tongue,
their souls are old, but bodies young.
Unsung is their story, untold is their song
Acknowledge their love, let them belong
listen to them love you, they're often never wrong.

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