Monday, 17 October 2016


Words betray me,
my throat tightens and my palms get sweaty,
and my heart tries to do a silly dance
and I probably look so darn dumb.
My otherwise talkative tongue goes numb.
You should hear the tune I hum,
inside my soul,
when I think of us growing old,
together and in love.
But all you do is hover around,
and make my heart race,
find a thrill in a chase,
like a lost puppy, it follows
keeping loyal pace.
I'm in awe of your face,
and all the things your smile does to me inside.
I don't wanna hide
any longer.
This ache in me could grow stronger, wild. 
I hunger like a child,
to love you ferociously,
anything but mild.
There is a storm in my soul
that wants to hold your hand
and keep your feet rooted in soft sand.
so when it envelops you with kisses of new rain
you will embrace the storm and surrender to it, your pain. 
There is a fire within, 
that burns to win
your heart alone.
It is the only real thing I've know.
This feeling,
raw and strong
and to many, so wrong,
this feeling of being utterly, madly, daringly
addicted to wanting 
you alone.

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