Saturday, 11 February 2017


The exact moment I knew I was in love with you
was the moment I realized I was in love with your flaws too.
Every scar on your shoulder from carrying the weight of the world
to every line on your palm from juggling baggage too real.
The moment you found you could trust me with a secret,
was the moment I knew I would hold it in my heart till the day we part.
And you started to sing, words like a river flowing from your lips,
sips of water to quench my thirsting heart.
Your secrets became a part of me,
shattered me so that I could see,
that broken and bold has its own beauty.
Me, a flaw by nature,
found that I could not hate your
wrongs and I could not fight.
For your flaws shone on my soul
like the stars do for the night.
Ripples turned to waves
that gushed over the walls you've made slaves
to your stubborn heart that never shared.
But now, bared, the most human thing I've ever encountered,
the most earthly words I've ever heard,
naked, your soul lies before me
after me to bare mine too.
Listen to its tune.
We can laze this way until its noon.
And I'll worship every flaw you've ever thought made you unworthy
ever thought taints you in my eyes,
ever thought could make me see you as any less
than the beautiful mess of imperfect perfection
that you are.
Bar no story from me while I explore,
and dust off secrets from your shore.
Slowly but surely you'll see through and through
I am nothing but a mess, more flawed than you.
And maybe, somewhere at dawn
I'll meet you half way,
and we'll balance out our differences.
I'll take every pain of hate you feel,
and every brick you've used for shield,
keep them aside for us to heal.
Seal away the things that hurt the most,
and kiss your seas from coast to coast.
Together we will drown in the waters of a dark sky,
Lie with me, hit pause.
Let me worship the beauty in your flaws.

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