Wednesday, 15 February 2017

2 am, my confidant

2 am,
you've always been true to me,
never let me down.
When silence unfriended me,
you kept me sound.
You were the noise in my chaos 
and the cry of my soul.
You knew the difference between a warm embrace,
and a love gone cold.
Bold enough were you,
to throw reality in my face
and scream into my ears
that it wasn't my place
to order the stars around and meddle with fate.
It wasn't about love as much as it was about hate
for words that come to me,
when the hour is just too late.
Wait a moment, I know it's late.
But 2 am, you never condemn
me for calling you up,
when I'm feeling too down;
for confiding in you,
about the demons that surround
me, in my all too conscious state
with a head that won't think straight.
Complicated are the hours of day,
for those are moments I won't say
what needs to be said.
No, I require your ears when I'm lazing in bed.
My head's a mess of words and memories,
a game of chess between me and the reveries.
2 am, you've seen me through it all,
you've seen my highs and my drunken falls.
Crawl into dawn with me, my friend
in your hour alone I will begin and end.

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