Saturday, 26 November 2016


It shocks me the things I'd be willing to do for you,
The doors I'd close and the ones I'd skip through,
The people I'd let down, and the ones I'll woo.
It gets me every time, the lengths I'd cross for you,
The things I'll say, and the prices I'll pay,
To have you, even for a day.
It never fails to surprise me, the cacophony in my head,
The chaos you bring to my soul when we're tangled up between sheets of my bed.
I'm constantly in awe of the lines I've crossed
To love you despite the things I've lost,
I've lost my sanity and all common sense.
For I'm guided by the future I see for us
Ignorant of our past,
tense that you don't see,
How crazy I've turned out to be.
For you have shown me a side to me I've never known before,
You've proved I'm more than I could ever show
the others.
Flowers shining in the light of the sun,
pale in comparison to the sparkle of your eyes when you look at me and say I'm the one.
that I've beat my own standards when it comes to loving now
For I've become someone no one recognizes anyhow.
But they see me, and they say
You've never looked better than you do today.
For there is a glow in my eyes,
From getting rid of the lies
my heart tries so hard to hide.
There is a lightness in my step,
from good riddance of the hate kept inside.
I'm experiencing a soul of my own
one that always belonged but felt so disowned
become one with me again.
Send any challenge my way now,
And I will surprise myself and you,
With the things I would do
To overcome all obstacles that will stand in my way
Of loving you, wholly, right, and always.

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