Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Magic and Things

I am drawn to you like the tides are to the state of the moon,
you in your phases, lighting up the darkest parts of me,
controlling the waves of emotions that swim through my veins,
flawed, yet pure, white as snow,
I know,
that if you were to decide where the stars roam at night,
we would gaze at the skies in awe at the sight,
at the constellations and the show they put on
until the sun kisses me at dawn,
and tries to distract me from you,
with a warm, bright morn.
But I am faithful, and yours,
and devoted to your way with the stars.
Lay with me on the cool grass,
and maybe the night won't pass by too fast.
At last,
I will know what it is to hold
a celestial marvel
You can startle me
with a kiss close to heaven,
and we can talk nineteen to the dozen
with not a care in the universe.
Immerse yourself
into the beauty of the night
while we dream together of a land of knights
and princesses
and you can dance with me
fall in the recesses
of our love
I will confess to you, and you to me
that there is no beauty far superior
than sharing the love that the stars in the galaxy know well,
than understanding, that for the earth, the moon will always glow.
Hell, nothing more beautiful, than the sheen in your eyes
when I gently, but inevitably fall into bliss
of losing myself in the skies you have for lips.
This is beauty, this right here.
This universe of stars inside your soul,
is my world, my story, now told.

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