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21 Types of Female BFFs

Man cannot live in isolation. Never has, never will. We rely on friends and loved ones to support us, and motivate us, and feed our egos and calm our insecurities. Whatever it may be, each of us has that one special friend we know we can always count on. The BFF (for those unfamiliar with the term, it's Best Friend Forever) With the fear of being judged as cheesy or kiddish, a lot of people today prefer to use other names for BFF, but nevertheless, it is still a thing. Below, I've taken time to list out 21 Types of BFFs, I'm sure you'll find one you relate to.

The Singer BFF (Sometimes wanna-be)
This friend is your walking-talking, high school musical loving, break out into song in the middle of the road kind of friend. You'll often find them humming a familiar tune while walking down the street and will probably break out into harmony when singing with a group of friends. These ones usually know most of the lyrics of the popular songs, and have probably heard a song thrice before you even found out about it.

The Writer/Reader BFF
This kind of friend is the one who thrives on words and the beauty of them. They will carry the book their currently reading on their person at all times and if they're not reading, they're probably writing out a brilliant train of thought in their head to pen down later. These are the kind of friends who follow the all famous quote and poem pages on Instagram and Facebook. They tend to love all kinds of classy stationary and often collect more than they use. Gifting such friends is never a problem.

The Short BFF
I mean no offense in this one, because trust me, some of my best friends are shorter than me, but they're spirits are larger than life. This friend is the cutie-patoie minion you love to hug and anything they say cannot be taken seriously. This is the friend you automatically feel protective about, even though they're braver than you, and could possibly reach greater places than you can dream of.

The Head-in-the-gutter BFF
No one reading this can tell me they haven't had a friend who can turn anything into a sick, vulgar joke. and I mean almost anything. all they have to do is grin and raise their eyebrows suggestively and BAM! they've pulled you head into the gutter to accompany theirs.

The Girl BFF
This is the friend who always get's her winged eyeliner right, she knows exactly what shade of which colour looks best on her, and she celebrates her beauty like every woman should. She dresses to impress and never looks out of place. All eyes turn to her when she enters the room. she's the kind of best friend who makes you wonder what is it about you that she still considers you, the awkward girl who doesn't know shit about make-up, the BFF she can rely on.

The Tom-boyish BFF
This is the most chill friend you've ever had and the most drama-less relationship you've ever shared. This is the friend who'll make herself available to you whatever time you need, no matter the weather or circumstances. They usually come across as super -cool and the friend that everyone wants to have. Well, you were the lucky chosen one.

The Hungry BFF
Need. I. say. more.

The Sibling BFF
Now this kind of friend knows your wardrobe inside out. They can name any outfit, and describe it to the T. And if they're the same size, then you no longer know which outfits originally belong to whom. When dressing up to go out, you have to not only raid your own cupboard, but hers too. Even that favorite pair of heels you own is at her place. So you have to go over to decide on your look and that eventually turns into a full fledged fashion show, complete with a ramp walk and great music. And then you get late for wherever you had to be.

The Confidante BFF
This is that friend who knows all your deepest darkest secrets, all your weaknesses and everything that destroys you. They know what it takes to hit you where it hurts, but they will never rub anything in your face. They will hold the weapon that your secrets have become, but never point it at you. They're the kind you trust with your soul. My personal favorite.

The Foreigner BFF
This one's kind of rare, but it's mostly for that childhood friend you grew up with, who had to move abroad for some particular reason. And now, even though your Time zones are the cause of all the lack of communication, when you do get a chance to 'Hang-out', or Facetime, or Skype, it turns into a 3-hour-long therapy session that you both so desperately needed.

The Fake-Accent BFF
This type of friend is usually the same one from the point above, they've moved to a foreign country and so, have picked up a little of the accent, and it shows in a few words they say while talking to you, and you just want to laugh so hard because you've always heard them talk so natively, that this change cracks you up a little too much. This type of friend can also be the friend who just decided to change her accent one fine morning.

The All-Nighter BFF
Now this one's a keeper. You have the day friends, and then you have those special people who can't or won't sleep, and they'll hear all your life' s problems through the night. They may or may not have a solution for you, but they always prove to have great listening skills and you eventually do feel a lot better

The Party Animal BFF
This type of BFF knows all the happening places around the city, and has a party to go to every weekend. She often always has plans, and even if she doesn't, she can make one on the spot. She knows all the remedies to a bad hangover and can cure one efficiently. and if she doesn't, well, she'll just deal with it and then go party again.

The Sleep-Loving BFF
This one can practically sleep anywhere. She is very adaptable to all situations, and can manage to have a comfortable nap almost at any given place and time. Sleep is a priority, even before food and shelter. You'll often find them snoozing away on your shoulder. It's no shocker that a chill day with them, means falling asleep for hours.

The Sugar Rush BFF
This is the type of friend, who regardless of whether there was an intake of sugar or any sort of candy, she seems to be hyperactive, super excited about everything, and often loud. This type of friend is very expressive, loves to make conversation, jumps and talks with a lot of action, and will come with a good amount of unnecessary giggles.

The Fangirl BFF
All of us have one of these. The kind of friend who is obsessed with one or many TV shows/Books/Movies etc. This friend is very passionate about the said TV show/Book/Movie and will often make references to it. It is mandatory that you recognize these references and either get excited about them, or in the least, acknowledge that you understood it. The Fangirl BFF is highly emotional, and needs to express. Terms you will often see in a chat window of a fangirl BFF : OMG, asdfghjkl, I cannot even!, OTP and ship

The Gold-Hearted BFF
This BFF is suspected to be super human. The selfless giver who's always just a call or a text away. This kind will go out of their way to be there for you come rain, storm or the apocalypse. They're often the quiet, humble, modest, and sincere angels that everyone needs,

The Long Distance BFF
Eventually, we all get one of these. Inadvertently, a friend gets an opportunity to study/work abroad and although your joy knows no bounds for them, there is a part of you that knows you will miss them and you'll miss all their shenanigans. A long distance friendship stays strong most of the time, and the longer the time away, the sweeter the reunion.

The Shoulder- To-Cry-On BFF
Whats a BFF if you can't rely on her to be there for you, not only in your moments of extreme joy, but also in your 'I'm so miserable I don't wanna exist' state of mind. This BFF, regardless of whether she has a solution to your problems, has a super comfortable shoulder and isn't bothered about the tear stains you'll leave behind.

The Ambitious BFF
This one's a go-getter. And it pisses you off sometimes cause she always wants to run after her dreams and never makes time for recreation, but nevertheless, you adore her drive and passion and you wish that all her dreams come true.

Now that you've read 21 of these traits, I'm sure you already have a few friends in mind who own the trait like they invented it. Go on, feel free to share this and tag them in it too. 

For those of you who are still wondering why I've written such a blog... Well, while many of you have best friends with a few of these traits, my very own best friend is all of the above. 
Happy 21st Birthday, Renelle Pereira. 
I love you!

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