Wednesday, 25 October 2017

25th October- A Comeback

There comes a time where you just stop looking back at your past. At every mistake you made thinking it was the right choice, the right lead, the right moment, the right person. Wrong. It was all wrong and you hold it against yourself stronger than you ever would anything else.

But all of that one day comes to an end. You pause and realise that none of it is worth it. That excruciating pain in your neck from looking around at what’s long behind you, what belongs behind you, all wrong behind you. You find a cure in just looking straight ahead, far ahead and you think:  "fuck that".

That’s when the universe will rush into your world and hit you with something hard enough to let you fall right back into the day, into the current moment, the present.
And you’ll thank it. Even though your head feels sore, and you’re heart even more.
You’ll thank it even though painful was the fall, and safe landing- none at all.
You’ll thank it because you’ll know, this moment is screaming "go",
and then on, no more will you stand- one foot out the door.

Step out, step on, step ahead
There’s only a world of opportunities waiting beyond your depressing bed.
Get out of your head,
quit calculating every move and find your groove in things you enjoy.
Find a girl, find a boy, hell! Go find a toy.
Just never employ intoxicants to time travel you back to yesterday.

Yesterday is poisonous,
tomorrow is ecstasy,
to hell with what’s over and done,
design your own destiny.

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