Monday, 12 June 2017


Let me confess
I'm not as perfect as you think I am
I'm not supernatural and I'm not someone who's all forgiving and all understanding.
Believe it or not I have a heart very similar to your own
A heart that races, hurts, rages and even gives up
I'm only human.
So on nights when I'm laying in my bed questioning why the stars align a certain way they do and why they still can't ever let me have you
I'm left thinking about the way you used to whisper Always
Like it was your favourite word
The only word you would put all your faith in
I'm left thinking about a one worded promise
And how if we kept it
I wouldn't be laying here thinking about you
I'd be talking to you and listening even more
But life's not ideal
And my hearts more real than you and I could ever believe
And if you called me your lover
Why then do my insecurities awaken and hover
Around my head
In my head
Under my bed
Demons hidden within me
They tell me you never cared to begin with
And I shut my eyes tight
Hoping that they might go away
Leave me alone for tonight
You said once we could never fall apart
But the heart wants what it wants
And I guess it's allowed to change its mind then too
You showed me how capable mine is to love unconditionally,
Without inhibitions or prejudice
You made me believe I'll have no other but you
You failed to tell me that won't work the same for you
Now your souls intertwined with another
And mine left out in the cold
I'm not going to be told twice
This act of betrayal will suffice
This I know and this I believe
I'll never trust a heart again
Especially when it vows to never leave.

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