Saturday, 8 April 2017


They said if you get too close, you'll burn.
Fly too high and it might be the last lesson you'll learn.
Fly too low and the lesser you'll know.
So find a balance, keep your eyes open, feel the wind
and judge for yourself, be alert, know you way.
Had they warned me how good it would feel to jump,
how addictive the fall and the rise above it all,
would I have known better, been wiser?
Had I known how beautiful the sun,
how it put all my pieces back together
turned million to one, whole,
shone on me like soft gold,
Had I  known,
would I have thought twice?
Or challenged the wind and regardless, flown.

It burned my soul and ignited in me
a flame so strong, stubborn to the breeze.
A fire that failed to cease
my heart from racing the currents,
embracing the winds.
I competed with every breath,
to fly further from inevitable death
or towards it,
I wasn't even sure.
But when the sky's your bed and the sun your love,
you wouldn't mind it, were you to die a dove.

Closer, higher, falling upwards to your warmth,
wind in my hair, you were there,
constant, all encompassing, soul bare.
Where nothing could freeze my soul
no breeze too strong to turn my heart cold
you were it, you were the one,
lost, and in love, I flew higher towards my sun.

Was Icarus a fool
to have lent a deaf ear to his father's only rule?
He was free and in love
with hope and wings of a dove.
While we're all looking for the something in between
Icarus experienced a love unseen.

I'm inching higher, nearing the clouds he sought
I'm afraid I'm just like him in soul, in heart and in thought.

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