Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Daughter of the Rain

While everyone sees dark clouds and dull skies
she walks with her head held high
allowing not, herself, a moment of sadness
strolling on the moist earth with a sweet smile
sweet tears fall from the heavens that cry
for all humanity. That thunder, a disguised sigh.
but she has a sparkle in her eyes
they shine through the heavy curtain of water
while similar sparks roar scary and loud
between cloud to cloud
she hears nothing within her,
her racing mind silenced by the rain.
A calm and quite she feels on the inside
like the first showers took with it her pain
She doesn't curse it even though it brings more inconvenience to many
to her, its a blessing, her favorite time of year.
while passers by grumble about the slush and the mess
she's grateful for the smell of wet earth
It's not that she cares for sun-light any less
but the rain always gave her solace
It's coolness like an understanding caress
She spends many a day walking aimlessly in the rain
wanting only the earths company in every quiet lane
as tiny drops make their way down her skin,
she knows for a fact, this is her infinite moment, her win
there will be no other feeling that could bring her this joy
no new gadget, clothes or charm of a good looking boy
The rain, her friend and only confidante
3 months in her company will do wonders to her heart
and hopefully ready her for the storm to come
when the clouds clear out and the atmosphere gets numb
While everyone now sees dark and dull skies
she walks through puddles with awe in here eyes.